Protecting Workers from Heat Stress

Exposure to heat can cause illness and death. The most serious heat illness is heat stroke.

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Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Many injuries, deaths and property damage caused by workplace electrical hazards can be avoided.

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Electrical Safety

Electrical hazards can cause burn, shocks, and electrocution (death).

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Heavy Equipment:  The Basics

The safe use of heavy equipment is critical when machinery such as bulldozers, graders, or ground-moving equipment is used to assist with construction … more >>


In the Trenches

Trenching and excavation work are some of the most hazardous operations in the construction industry.  With no reliable warning, a trench can cave in, leaving workers no time for a safe escape … more >>


Push or Pull?

Pushing a load is generally less stressful on your body because you use the weight of your body and maintain a more neutral posture … more >>


Dealing with Workplace Distractions

Workplace distractions can result in work errors or accidents.  Before addressing or responding to another person, workers should disengage or shutdown any work tool, equipment, or process that requires their attention …. more >>


In Case of Fire

The most effective way to fight a fire is to keep one from occurring through awareness and correcting potential fire hazards ….  more >>


Significance of a Site Safety Inspection

By law, California employers must provide safe work places for their employees.  Failure to do so can not only threaten the life or health of workers, but employers may incur steep penalties for non-compliance and even criminal prosecution.  Implementing regular safety inspections using site-specific checklists can help keep workers safe by identifying and correcting hazards in the workplace before they cause an illness or injury ….  more >>


Guard Your Workers from Falls

Employers can help to reduce or eliminate chance of falls or injuries with a safety program ….  more >>


Step Up to Ladder Safety

A worker doesn’t have to fall far off a ladder to suffer a serious or fatal injury ….  more >>


Sound Advice to Sleep On

New research shows that workers are not only getting less sleep than they should, they’re getting less than they used to ….  more >>


WCIRB Files for 9.1% Rate Increase

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau made it official and submitted a mid-year filing for a 9.1% increase in the pure premium advisory rate….  more >>


Being Smart About Sprains & Strains

Strains and sprains account for a major portion of injuries in the construction industry.  These injuries are often caused by lifting, pushing, twisting, prolonged bending or overreaching and normally affect the back, shoulders, and arms.  A sprain or strain can happen in a moment, but can take days or months to heal.  Strains and sprains can be costly both in lost time and money….  more >>


The Dangers of Diesel Exhaust

The most common method of exposure is inhalation of the diesel exhaust as fine particles and toxic gases….  more >>


Getting the Message Across

If workers cannot read and understand instructions, they may be missing your safety message….  more >>


The Importance of a First Aid Program

Creating a first aid program that meets the requirements of the law and is customized to the type and size of the workplace can make the difference between life and death….  more >>


Common Sense is Not So Common

A little common sense can go a long way when it comes to safety issues that are common to many work sites.  Thinking ahead and preparation can help reduce safety hazards….  more >>


Preventing Hand and Finger Injuries

The first rule to preventing hand and finger injuries is to pay attention to where you are placing them.  Consider how your hands and fingers could be damaged….  more >>


Scaffolding Safety

Scaffolding, when properly designed and erected can still pose hazards for workers just because the nature of their use.  more >>


Insurance Commissioner Jones Applauds Passage of AB 52 by Assembly Health Committee – April 27, 2011

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced today that the Assembly Health Committee has passed AB 52, authored by Assembly member Mike Feuer. . .  more >>


Workers’ Comp Rate Increase Likely

WCIRB Actuarial Committee just completed its review of its interpretation of California industry experience.  They conclude that California’s workers’ compensation advisory pure premium rates need to increase by nearly 40% . . article >>


March 2011 Safety Article – Hazard Communication

A written hazard communication program must be implemented for any employer who uses, produces, or imports hazardous chemicals; it must be readily accessible to. . . more >>


U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Workers Comp for Illegal Aliens Case – March 1, 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear arguments whether an illegal alien should retroactively receive disability and compensation for work-related injuries. It is a Louisiana case. The Supreme Court, as is typical, did not provide a reason, but its decision not to hear the case will leave the issue with each state….article >>


SCIF Safety Article: Keep an Ear Out – November 2010
Most of us take our hearing for granted, especially when we’re young. We assume that hearing loss is unavoidable and is part of the aging process. However people who live in other parts of the world without the everyday noises of our industrial society have little or no hearing loss as they grow older .... article >>

Safety Group Report – August 16, 2010
Featuring articles on working with solvents; equipment safety; and using caution near overhead power lines .... more >>

NECA 2010 Boston offers NFPA 70E Seminars – October 1 - 5, 2010

NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, will be addressed in three seminars at the NECA 2010 Boston convention.  Click here for more information >>


2010 NTI: Still Time to Register Online – July 31 – August 6, 2010

Special presentations and courses will be offered at the 2010 National Training Institute at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor being held July 31 through August 6…….more >>


Free Webinar on Scaffolding, a Major Violation for ECs – July 27, 2010

A FREE webinar on Tuesday, July 27, will explore OSHA’s scaffolding standards and help connect you with resources for compliance assistance.  Click here to learn more >>


Now Available: Electrical Contractor Safety Program CD – July 12, 2010

NECA’s Electrical Contractor Safety Program manual and CD are now available for purchase.  Click here to order >>


eSafetyLine provides Toolbox Talks on Fire Prevention – July 2010

Each month, the special safety site available through NECA’s website addresses a specific topic.  This month’s featured topic is Fire Prevention.  Click here to learn more >>


SCIF Safety Article: Use Caution Near Overhead Power Lines – June 2010

This SCIF article “Use Caution Near Overhead Power Lines” reminds workers of the need to be fully aware of their electrocution hazards.  Click here to read the full article >>


SCIF Safety Article: Moving at the Speed of Safety – May 2010

Moving equipment of any kind can be dangerous.  This article by Judy Kerry, “Moving at the Speed of Safety”, reminds workers that it’s their responsibility to be alert and safety-minded to avoid costly mishaps on the job.  Click here to read the full article >>


SCIF Safety Article: Work Safely With Solvents – April 2010

Solvents are so common in many work places that workers forget how dangerous they are. The article reminds workers to "Work Safely With Solvents."

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Free Seminar!! – November 17, 2009
De-Mystify Worker’s Compensation and FEHA, Cal/OSHA Partnership Programs, and the Economic and Employment Enforcement Coalition by attending this free seminar offered by the State Fund Employer Education Series……more >>

State Fund Quarterly Newsletter – October 8, 2009
The new issue of COMPonents, State Fund’s quarterly newsletter, is about to be mailed to policyholders.  See a preview here >>

Safety Group Report – May 6, 2009
Announcing Package Insurance now available (GL, Auto, Property, Crime, Inland Marine and Umbrella); Info on the Heat Illness Prevention Seminar.... more >>

Safety Group Report - July 14, 2008
Featuring a Safety Focus on ladders; Announcing the Heat Illness Prevention Network.... more >>

Press Release - July 19, 2007
We have streamlined the underwriting process. Our service contract with Pinnacle / Summit has ended; and we have entered into a new agreement with General Agency Services which means a new contact for your Workers Compensation submissions.... more >>

Press Release – February 21, 2007
NECA West's goal is to provide the best possible coverage for our members. The NECA West endorsed General Loability program has multiple markets available that are rated A and A-....more >>

Press Release – January 23, 2006
NECA West’s Long Promised Captive Insurance Program is Up and Running! At present time the program is well funded and we are meeting all the legal requirements, as well as our partner Discover Re’s requirements, to run a successful Captive program....more >>

Press Release – September 12, 2005
As many of you know, a large percentage of NECA Members renew their Workers’ Comp on October 1st. This year the NECA West Board changed its authorized insurance carrier...more >>

Press Release – August 22, 2005
NECA West is pleased to announce our new partnership with Discover Re Insurance Company, our new carrier for the NECA West workers’ compensation program...more >>


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